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Third day

The weather recovered and we continued to work as usual. However, I was full of anxiety because I was far behind the schedule. Moreover, since the work environment was completely different from Japan, it has already become a risky situation whether we could complete the work within the period. Nevertheless, I should not show my concerns in facial expressions, so I pretend to be calm and work silently.

As I continued to do stonework, such as around Taki (waterfalls), there was one moment the work was suspended due to disagreement between Mr. Yoshida and me. Since Mr. Yoshida and I were own company’s boss in Japan, it was difficult all three of bosses to work on one project.

On this day, a power shovel operation was done by a Wolfratshausen city official.

He resembled with one of Super Mario characters, so he was named “Luigi”.

His real name is “Weiß” (which means white). (Luigi is in the center of the photo above).

I often had lunch at a nearby restaurant during my stay. I was not sure it’s normal here to drink beers during noon or they were just nice to us to serving beers. Anyway, it became so hard to do any work afternoon. Thus, I said, “I would not need beers for lunch in the future,” and it was Mr. Sakamoto of the city hall responsibility to drink all our beers.

At night, I was invited by an organization that performed medieval rituals.

After the ritual, we were served with roasted pork dishes and honey wines. This was very valuable experience that we would never have a chance in Japan.