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Eighth day

A good weather! We planted shrubs today.
The locals were gathering, including children for planting.

However, when I went to the site at 8 o’clock, the shrubs had not arrived yet … For the tall trees, it was planned to arrive 10 o’clock, but came at 8 o’clock.
Anyway, I had to set the steppingstones around the water stone bowl instead of shrub planting.
The water supply shop installed water lines when the water supply arrived.
In Japan, it often finished by connecting a vinyl hose from the water supply, but this Meister installed various metal fittings and made a heavy duty one (I was thinking it may be over-killed).

It was nearing completion after the water bowl was be installed.
We initially planned to use a city water, but we were requested to pump up the river water. Thus, we changed the design accordingly.
Luigi worked the surface layer of the garden road.

Finally, the shrubs came after 10 o’clock.
Everyone helped to unload the shrubs from the truck. Each root bowl was still too big.
It could not be helped because it’s a potted.
However, we were finally able to start planting.

We all planted in the afternoon.
It seems that they were calling out to the citizens today because it is a tree-planting festival from 2 o’clock, and people started to gather little by little.
One by one visitor came by. One of woman who came out saying that she came to plant for only five minutes during her break.
Children begun to gather, and about three newspaper companies came. We also supported interviews and took commemorative photos during work.
This made me feels good.

Even amateurs’ helpers somehow planted quite nicely.
The children as well as men worked hard.

About three women who seemed to know Mr. Zin worked so hard that I was totally impressed.
A German who is a friend of Mr. Yamamoto brought us sakes, sushi, and some juices.
Furthermore, during teatime, the shop owner across the street gave me two mugs of beer. Yamamoto’s German friend served me a cup of sake (I got a cool sake cup).

There were some people who came to get only the photos. It’s a good event!
I hope this garden would be remembered by these children.
There were some minor problems, such as children planting the wrong place (I left it since it was because these were honest mistake) and moving the place because the shape of the tree was too small. Despite of these minor problems, the overall project proceeded smoothly.

After 5 o’clock, most of the planting was finished.
There were quite a few Liverwort flower and ferns left over, but would that be, okay?
Mr. Letner helped me until late.
Was this a sign that he was expecting me to take out for drinking? I wondered …

After 6 o’clock, it’s time to finish planting.
Then, the sky became suspicious, so I hurried up to level the ground.

And at 7 o’clock, it ended for the time being.
Thunder started. It was finally raining when I went to buy ice cream on my way home.
When I tried to eat a dinner in the hotel, the restaurant was already closed today … Oh no!
So, I asked to make a sandwich. I ate it while drinking a mug of beer at the table under the overhang of a roof.

Tomorrow would be the last day. It’s just racing against time.
I thought that the work might have been over if the shrubs had come in the morning, even it rained.

At this point, since the end was near, somehow everyone had no longer anxious.