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Sixth Day

This morning, Miwa-san, who showed me around at Frankfurt Airport last time, called me! He said he would come here because he had a day off.
We started at 8 o’clock as usual. Four people, 3 interpreters plus Luigi were working on the day.

The tower is set up at the beginning. Since the tower was nine-layer heights, we had to carefully piled up while leveling each layer.

The upper part of the bottom layer would be hidden at the end, so we decided to write our names and leave it secretly.
Luigi came to work on a holiday.
It seems to be unusual for Germans to sacrifice their valuable vacation days.

Danke, Luigi!

I really hope everyone, who participates for this garden project, to love it. I really appreciate all helping hands.

After that, we mainly proceeded with leveling.
All interpreters moved energetically perhaps because the work was not going smoothly from the beginning.
Thanks to that extra hands, the shape of gardening was gradually formed!
I planted Japanese yews and the planting was over for the time being!

Fish dish for lunch.
I was able to eat everything for the first time since I arrived here.
If you sprinkle soy sauce on the butter-grilled looked like atka mackerel, I felt just as eating in Japan! Delicious!!

If you select stones studded near the sea and carried out the rest, it would become more and more beautiful Japanese garden.
Mr. Yoshida and Mr. Kaneko were building a stone bridge.
They were facing a lot of trouble.
For me, it roughly shaped with a power shovel and my interpreter has been assisting me to level the ground.
I had a great appreciation of his help since his job was supposed to be an interpreter.
I didn’t have enough soil around the sea, so I asked Luigi to bring it. Luigi is a good worker!

Mr. Miwa arrived near the evening.
He said he would help us, so I asked him to set up a steppingstone.
It’s Friday afternoon, so a lot of people came to see the garden. Some came inside the garden. (I shouted in my mind “Could you give us hands here?)

In the evening, a woman brought me Japanese tea.
She had a Japanese husband and she told me that just returned to Japan until the other day.
She was able to speak Japanese somehow, but after talking for a while, she said that she revealed she was the wife of Mr. Yamamoto, one of our interpreters!
I was very surprised and thanked Mr. Yamamoto for his kindness!

Work until about 6 o’clock and the work of the day was finished.
At night, I drink with Mr. Miwa at the hotel restaurant. White sausage was delicious!