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Seventh Day

Mr. Kaneko and Mr. Yoshida continued to repair Ishibashi (Stone bridge) and the steppingstones would place next to it.
I scratched the surface of the garden road with Yumbo (Power Shovel) from the entrance, and then do the work of leveling.
Mr. Sakamoto started planting.
When the road became more like a garden road, it would even more feels like finished and everyone seems to be happy with what we have accomplished so far.
We also dig a garden road to build a stone bridge on the garden road.

An old man who was drinking at the cafe across the street gave me a large mug of beer.
Since he gave me only one mug, we had to share to all members.
After all, indeed the daytime beer really made me drank quickly.
Then he brought me a second round of beer.
I whispered in my mind, “If you could bring the second round of beer, you could have brought us a glass of beer for each person”.

During a conversation of beer exchange, I found out this old man was a gardener.
He repeatedly said “Wunderbar” (a wonderful meaning in German).

I had lunch at the foundation of Ishibashi (stone bridge) today.
The same work continued in the afternoon.
The material of the stone bridge on the garden road seems to be for curbs, and only one small surface was finished, therefore when people walked, it’s rattled with noises.
Although I managed to set it up, I could not help it because I had to work with what I could get locally. I was thinking the surface would be hard for woman to walk with heels.

We continued to level the ground and finished the work at 4 o’clock!
Elderly people and various people often came to see the site.
They were all excited and said “Wunderbar” in rapid succession.
People who involved also came to see the garden.
It seems that the old man of a farmer related to the Nature Conservation Society and the older man of a tree carrier were all liked what they saw.
I wonder if the Germans, who basically don’t work on Saturdays and Sundays, sympathize with our Samurai Spirits who work on holidays …

Tomorrow would be the last day of the manual labor. Thus, no one had time to take pictures and therefore no photos at all.