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Kondoen | Japanese landscaping company
Kondoen Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Trade Name Kondoen Co., Ltd.
Address2-601 Miyadera, Iruma city, Saitama
TEL 04-2934-4218 FAX 04-2934-3373
BusinessLandscaping (design, construction, management) (Green-related general works such as gardens, parks, green spaces, and green spaces for apartments)
Civil engineering (design and construction) (Residential exterior to road facilities)
A set of gardening materials, trees / flowers, black soil, garden stones, etc.
License numberNo.020764 Issued by Governor of Saitama
HistorySince the early Showa period, we have been producing and selling saplings for forests (sugi, cypress, oak, etc.) and plants.

Continuing from the predecessor to the predecessor, he ran the landscaping business as Kondoen and opened the horticultural center in 1971. (Closed in Heisei period).

Kondoen Co., Ltd. was established on April 1, 1996, and continues to this day.