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Nineth Day

It rained from the morning on the last day.

Because of raining, I changed the schedule.
I did not plant the remaining grasses, but only finished around the tsukubai (Stone water bowl).
Placed gravel in the sea and lined up the gravel. Placed gravel around the steppingstones and decorated the water pipes.

I asked the city workers to do the rest of the work and decided to maintenance work next year at the Millennium Festival.

Next agenda for the day was the sightseeing in Munich!

Then from 7:30 pm, a party hosted by the Japanese members at the hotel cafeteria.
The first to third district mayors came by the party.
In addition, Mr. Zin, Stretchna, Gepler, Luigi, a farmer of the Nature Conservation Society, and the medieval event’s organizers, all people who involved this work came by.
Luigi appeared in national costume.

We received souvenirs such as a beer mug, a snuff tabaco, and a Wolf Lurtz tie from the city.
Wines were also given to the interpreters.
I felt sorry so these interpreters since they acted more like a worker. Honestly speaking these were very helpful!

My stay seemed to very quick, and I ended up only come for work.
However, I was glad I got the result.
I knew everyone had the same feelings about it.
I designed it myself, but of course it wouldn’t have been completed without Mr. Yoshida, Mr. Kaneko, and Mr. Sakamoto, who was initially only thinking about sightseeing, helped me at the end.

I hope this garden would serve as a bridge between the citizens of Iruma and Wolfratshausen for the future.
I have spent about one year for designing, preparing, and landscaping. I was so grateful to participate in this project.

I would like to thank the Iruma City International Association, the people of Iruma City Wolfratshausen City, and all those who cooperated!