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Second day

It rained from the morning on this day. This weather was the worst. It’s not that I didn’t want to work in the rain, but my stay was limited, and I could not simply say “let’s skip work today”. Originally, I would like to avoid working in the rain to ensure safety, but I had no choice to borrow a raincoat to do the work.

First, we started with the installation of stone materials. I installed a big stone initially, but the thick wire sent from Japan with the first stone breaks while scattering sparks!

What do you say, “Oh my god!” in German? I thought for a moment, but that was no time for that. “What should I do now···”. In Japan, you could send a young people to buy replacement equipment, but this was a foreign land. I did not know the location of the store, and even if I did, I’m worried if I could buy it myself. A grown adult could not even buy anything in this situation. I felt helpless.

For the time being, I had to proceed with the work in front of me, focusing on the stonework around the entrance of the garden.